[NEW] Alternative to RACLETTE “Plain” [DMD: 15/01/23] 400g

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Vegan alternative to Raclette cheese “Plain” ❄

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Alternative to Raclette cheese “Plain version” ❄

Ingredients: water, sunflower oil, rice flour, yeast, rice starch, rock salt, flavouring (vegetable), vegetable fibre, sunflower protein, spices, tapioca starch, binder (guar gum, xanthan gum), lactic acid (vegetable), colouring (beta-carotene).


Weight: 2 x 200g

Storage: to be kept in a cool place (2°-8°C). Can be kept for at least 24 hours outside the refrigerator. After opening, consume within 7 days.

Nutritional values for 100g :
energy: 877 kJ / 210 kcal
fat: 19.9 g
– of which saturated fat: 2.2 g
carbohydrate: 6.5 g
– of which sugar: <0.1 g
protein: 1.8 g
salt: 1.55 g

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