Petit FRAIS “GARLIC” [DMD: 01/11/22] – PETIT VEGANNE – 160g

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Plant-based alternative to fresh cheese with garlic 🌱

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Plant-based alternative to fresh cheese with garlic

Made of cashews, this super creamy product has been refined during several weeks which provides its creamy texture and high nutritional value!

  • Origin: Product handmade in France (Sarralbe) by Petit Veganne ! 🇫🇷
  • Weight: 160g
  • Ingredients: Raw CASHEWS*, filtered water, unrefined/untreated salt, garlic*, lactic ferment
    * From organic farming
  • Allergens: Contains NUTS (CASHEWS).
  • Storage: Positive cold (in the fridge).
  • Packaging materials: Vacuum package + carton packaging


Conservation :

This product has a DMD (Date of Minimal Durability). As opposed to an expery date, a DMD is not due date and means that the product’s texture and taste may become stronger but it also means that the product still remains perfectly eatable during several days to several weeks beyond that date depending on the product/brand. and taste of the productproduct can change is its date of minimum durability, an indicative date above which most of our products can be consumed. For that reason and to avoid waste, we chose to offer them to you during a few days at a lower price !

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Weight 160 g


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